French Recipe for Shiny Hair

One for the Recipe Box: Homemade Hair Treatment With Rose Water
1/4 cup of rose water
2 egg yolks
1/4 cup of rum
2 tablespoons of grape seed oil
“Beat the eggs thoroughly in a large bowl, add the rose water, rum, and oils. Mix the ingredients well. I apply the mask on towel-dried, not wet hair, which allows it to penetrate better. I start by massaging the mixture into the scalp and work my way down to the ends. Then I secure my hair in a chignon and let the mask soak in for thirty minutes. I finish by rinsing with cold water to seal the cuticle, eliminate frizz, and boost shine.”
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Have You tried Using Vaseline To Paint Your Nails? Wait... I can explain better...

Apply Vaseline around your nails. Be sure not to get any of it onto the actual nail; only on the cuticles and parts surrounding it.

Paint your nails with your chosen colour. Two or three coats is the optimum amount. No need to be neat about painting your nails at this stage at all! Give it time to dry between each coat.

Use the edge of your thumbnail to scrape off every trace of nail polish that did not make it onto your actual nail. The Vaseline makes it slide off very easily. To reiterate, only do this once you are sure your nails are completely dry and Voilà.

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Sensitive Skin? We Have Some Makeup Tips For You.

Patch Testing: Whenever you’re guying to buy any product; go for those stores, preferably malls, where they have sample products for its testing. Use small amount of tester on your face, wrist and neck. Come back a day later to buy that product in case there is no sign of irritation. Be a smart buyer.
Note Ingredients: Whenever you have any irritation or sensitivity experiences, pick up the products and note down ingredients. Collect all those products and check the common ingredients, these ingredients will help you decide what might not be suitable for you. Avoid buying products that have those ingredients.
Discard Old Products: Many ladies are not aware that different Makeup products have different shelf life. Hence if you use old makeup products beyond their shelf life, it can have its toll on your skin. Make sure you toss away your old products and replace them with new ones.  Also this way you get to experience new products time to time. Always check the expiry date of products when you buy and if not mentioned check with beauty advisor of store on the same.
Avoid Waterproof:  Waterproof Makeup is an amazing product but to remove that you have to use very strong Makeup remover and work hard on your skin. In the bargain what happens is that you lose lot of oil and hydration from your skin which can further result into red patches or other irritations.
Pick Right Colours: This is an interesting rule to follow. Any eye shadow which is dark will have more pigments and is more likely to irritate eyes hence go for light color tones to be on safer side. For eye pencil and Mascara  go for black color, it is more appropriate for sensitive skin
Hygiene: If you got a sensitive skin – you got to ensure that your all skin and makeup products are kept clean and in dry environment. Hygiene plays a very important role in how your skin responds to any product applied. Even most appropriate can respond with irritation if not is not clean.
Avoid Lanolin: You should avoid eye products that have Lanolin since it might irritate your eye lids. When you buy eye products, do check on if they have Lanolin, if still unsure you can ask your query to beauty advisors or do your research and then buy products later. Better to spend some time in selection than to find remedies later
Silicone Based Foundation: Don’t go for Oil Based Foundation – opt for Water Based or Silicone Base Foundations. They don’t clog the pores and also are gentle to the skin
Talk to Experts: In case of any irritation and you’re clueless – do consult a good skin doctor or experienced Makeup artist to help you. It’s also essential so that you again don’t try some new products which might make it even worse. Best is to talk to them and use products that suits your skin. Treasure your skin since we get it only once.

9 Weird Beauty Tricks That Really Work

1. To avoid stray mascara marks, hold a plastic spoon (curve out) over your eyelid when applying your mascara so the excess can go on the spoon, not your lids.

2. Next time you need a face mask but don’t have time to run to the store, use Pepto Bismol. In the same way it breaks down oil and acids in your digestive system, it breaks down any on your face. Use two tablespoons and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

3. If you’re starting to notice cellulite creeping up anywhere, use coffee grounds as a body scrub. The caffeine will stimulate skin cells and using it as a scrub will get rid of any dead skin trying to cling to life.

4. In need of a deep conditioning treatment? Get the mayonnaise out of your fridge and into your hair for about 20 minutes. For added benefits, use your blow dryer so the heat will activate the mayonnaise even more.

5. If your nail polish seems to dry with bubbles in it, it may be because the polish is being stored at too warm of a temperature. Keep your polish in the fridge and the cool temperature will make sure that it always dries smoothly.

6. After a workout, some people have the issue of a red face long after the last exercise. To combat this, take an antihistamine  so the redness will be majorly reduced.

7. Whether you’re always getting blisters or you’ve got a new pair of shoes to break in, rubbing a little bit of Vaseline on areas that tend to get blisters will reduce any friction so your feet won’t be cut up by the end of the night.

8. Glitter nail polish is a nightmare to remove, but if you soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place on your nail, wrap your finger tip in tin foil and let it sit for five minutes, the glitter will slide right off.

9. In a rush after an at-home manicure? Submerge your fingers in cold water for three minutes and your nails will come out dry.

7 tips to get rid of under eye puffiness

1. Frozen slices of cucumber under the eyes.

2. Splash cold water on your face as soon as you get up in the morning.

3. Cold tea bags.

4. Stick two spoons into the freezer for a few minutes, then gently press over eyes to depuff.

5. A slice of raw potato on each eye (helps fade dark circles).

6. A mini eye massage with both ring fingers.

7. And if all else fails, spritz lavender on your pillow and slip into an eye mask for a night of luxurious, dark, scented sleep.