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How to bring more attention to your brows without looking like they are “done” or “drawn on”

TOOLS: . Brow Shadow (or Eye Shadow): Pick one that is the same shade as your natural brow colour if you want to make them look bigger/fuller or a shade darker if you want to go bolder. . A Disposable Mascara Wand or Spooly Brush . Water STEPS: 1. Bend the bristle end of the wand 45 degrees. This […]

Wedding Dresses 1775-2014: Which would you wear?

Credit information: Silk brocade gown and petticoat, silk covered straw hat and silk satin shoes, 1780. Image reproduced by kind permission of the Olive Matthews Collection, Chertsey Museum Silk satin wedding dress designed by Charles James, London, 1934. Given by Mrs Alec Hambro © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Satin and layered tulle wedding dress […]


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