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Mini Interview with Ita Kelly of Polished Ireland

1. How long are you in the industry? 

10 years

2. What is your favorite treatment? 

Personally I love a day at a spa. A back massage and a facial is my favourite treat.

3. Favorite Skincare/Hair product/make up? 

I love REN and Jan Marini Skincare, Revlon Equave Leave in Hair Conditioner and Laura Mercier and Smashbox Makeup.

4. Best thing about your job? 

Being able to make women feel great about themselves.

5. Who do you most admire in the industry? 

Currently SoSueMe The Hair/Makeup Blogger for making a career out of blogging.

Polished Ireland are based in Sligo. Their therapists and stylists cover Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, Donegal. Mayo, Cavan, Fermanagh, Monaghan, Galway, Clare. We do a fully Mobile Service for Wedding Hair and Makeup as well as tan, nails and eyelash extensions in your area.  To book an appointment call 0862778653 or vist

10 Makeup Mistakes Brides Make

1. Not booking a makeup trial.
2. Looking like someone else on your big day.
3. Neglecting the rest of your body.
4. Leaving your wedding makeup look as the last thing you think about
5. OD’ing on highlighter.
6. Trying false lashes for the first time.
7. Skipping primer.
8. Plucking your eyebrows the day of.
9. Getting your first spray tan the day before your wedding.
10. Caking on foundation because you think it will look better in photos.

Photo Credit: Gallery Stock/Getty Images

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Mini Interview with Make Up By Andrea Murphy

1. How long are you in the industry?I have always worked with makeup but opened my own mobile business in 2009 and I am very happy to say I have not looked back. I am one of lucky people who can actually say I love my job and mean it.

2. What is your favorite treatment?
I love bridal makeup. It’s the most important day of someone’s life and I’m lucky to work with beautiful brides that want to look like themselves on their big day.

3. Favorite Skincare/Hair product/make up?
I specialize in airbrush makeup. This is the revolutionary new spray on foundation that gives an amazing flawless finish with no touch ups required.

4. Best thing about your job?
Being part of someone’s wedding day. Being with the bride on the build up to her big day, helping her in every way I can and then having the pleasure of being with her and her family when it finally arrives.

5. Who do you most admire in the industry?

I love Pat McGrath. She is an amazingly talented makeup artist who is constantly coming up with creative original ideas. She is a very inspiring lady.

Andrea Murphy is the Winner of RSVP Magazine Best Bridal Make-up Artistry 2013 and in 2012 she was Nominated in the Top 5 Bridal Makeup Artists in Ireland.  She is available for bridal make up and photo shoots nationwide.  To book an appointment with Andrea, call 
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Mini Interview with Deirdre Lynch of Angel Face Make-up

We talk to Award nominated Make-up artist Deirdre Lynch of Angel Face Make-up
How long have you been a make-up artist? Over 10 years

What is your favorite treatment? Nu Skin Range

Favorite Make-up product? Laura Mercier Primer and Pari Foundation

Best thing about your job? Meeting new & different clients everyday and helping them feel good about themselves.

Who do you most admire in the industry? Pat McGrath & Billy B, both self taught world class make-up artists who have taken make-up artistry to a whole other level.

Deirdre provides a professional Make-up service for photshoots and weddings in Dublin/Kildare covered including Lucan, Clondalkin, Tallaght, Leixlip, Celbridge, Clonee and Blanchardstown areas.  To book an appointment with Deirdre and for more information check out: 

How to get a "slimmer" face using a Chinese ceramic soup spoon and facial oil.

This massage technique gives you a V-shaped face. Check out here: 

“It’s free, it feels good, and it works!”

What do you think guys? If you try it out let us know if it works for you. 

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How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

1. Before you reach for any products, curl your lashes. “It really opens up your eyes,”  Tip: You want to curl your lashes, not crimp them, so use a light hand and apply pressure at two points: the base of lashes and the middle.

2. You may think that dark shadow will make your eyes look smaller, but strategically placed colour actually does the opposite. Using a stiff brush and a matte brown shadow, smudge the colour below your bottom lashline, sticking to the outside third of your eye. “Just press it in,” Don’t apply any colour on your waterline. 

3. You may have heard you can apply white eye liner to your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger—which is true—but not very wearable. Instead, choose a pale, champagne hue. Apply to your entire waterline (the top, too!). If you’re still not getting the impact you want, try layering a champagne colour over white, which will deliver more punch.

4. Next, apply a wash of colour onto your lid using a flesh-coloured hue that corresponds to your skintone. “The colour should be slightly lighter than your skin and have shimmer, but no glitter!” 

5. Apply a thick layer of mascara to your upper lashes. 

6. A fan brush is an easy way to concentrate your mascara on the root of your lashes (which makes eyes look larger), without clumps on the tips of lashes (which makes eyes look smaller). Simply run a fan brush over a mascara wand and gently paint your bottom lashes.

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Wedding Dresses 1775-2014: Which would you wear?

Credit information: Silk brocade gown and petticoat, silk covered straw hat and silk satin shoes, 1780. Image reproduced by kind permission of the Olive Matthews Collection, Chertsey Museum Silk satin wedding dress designed by Charles James, London, 1934. Given by Mrs Alec Hambro © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Satin and layered tulle wedding dress designed by Pam Hogg, 2012. Courtesy of Mary Charteris. Rajputana wool coat by Bellville Sassoon, London, 1970. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Full story here:

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Basic Bridal Beauty Guidelines - Pre-wedding Shots

The day before the pre-wedding shoot:
+ Get your eyebrows professional trimmed (if you are unable to do it yourself)
+ Slap on a mask before heading to bed // Moisturise as much as you can.
+ Apply a generous amount of lip balm too.

On the morning of:

Step 1: Start with a clean and moisturised face, then apply lip balm and make-up base.

Step 2: Use liquid foundation or cream foundation for stronger coverage.

Step 3: Apply concealer only on areas that need the extra coverage like blemishes, dark and/or red spots. You don’t want to have a caked-up face.

Step 4: If you don’t have bronzer or a darker foundation shade, you can always use brown eyeshadow for shading. Apply it around the corners of your face – near the hair line, the sides of your nose (for a sharpening illusion) and the jaw areas (for a slimming illusion). Once satisfied, set with loose/pressed powder.

Step 5: Using an eye primer to help your eye shadow last longer. For this tutorial, I used pink as the base colour and bronze to overlap it.

Step 6: Apply white eyeshadow just at the edge of your eyebrow bone. Highlighting your brow bone will help define your brows, and give your eyes a fresh and widening effect.

Step 7: Time to draw your eyebrows! Don’t stand too close to the mirror while doing it, you’ll need to see your entire face to ensure it’s balanced out.
For the eyes, I used gel liner before a layer of liquid liner to help create a bold, longer-lasting flick. I wouldn’t recommend water lining; instead line as close as you can, from the top – you don’t want it to start smudging as the shoot (and heat) wears on.

Step 8: If falsies are necessary, I’d recommend those half sets that flare out into a longer end – mostly for comfort and easy application. It’ll also complement your lined eyes.

Step 9: Apply a shimmer stick to help pick up the light in photographs, enhancing the nose and cheekbones for that quintessential bridal glow.

Step 10: For a softer, delicate feel, use gold//silver shimmer for the under lines and brown//pink to finish it the other half.

Step 11: Apply a generous amount of blusher. You’ll need it, especially while taking outdoor shots because a natural amount will not translate in the pictures. Use a lip brush for precision, while applying lip colour.

Choose pink for a softer romantic look …

Or red for a classic chic look!

Alright now, off you go! Work it, you blushing bride, you!

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Mini Interview with Malvina Barrett the Makeup Artist

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I hate this question! I’m a wife, a mother and a makeup artist. I live in the country side, which I 

love. I have two dogs, Zeus and Socks and hens! I collect weird stuff of sentimental value. I value 

honesty and loyalty. The things that move me the most is when someone does something small 

for me, something I wouldn’t expect like a text to let me know there is something on the TV I might 

like – silly things like that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside! I like to swim, practice Pilates and 

walking but there must be a purpose, like collecting sticks to start the fire! I love my wellies and my 

wheelbarrow for that very reasons.

2. What made you decide that being a makeup artist (MUA) was for you?

I started out as a beauty therapist. I always loved doing makeup for clients and I knew even from 

college that I had a flair for makeup a lot more than my fellow students – I guess I can see people, 

I can see their potential, I sometimes look at people, like in waiting rooms and wish I could get my 

hands on them! I have a good eye and see their hidden beauty. I moved on from beauty therapy 

by studying makeup artistry with Louise Constad who is a celebrity makeup artist in London. That 

course opened my eyes to so much and I realised then that this is what I really wanted to do. I 

then went on to study for the international qualifications (ITEC) and went out on my own 

freelancing. I remember feeling so energised and a little scared at the same time but knew this 

move was so right for me. I felt so happy that I was working everyday doing something I love and I 

still feel like that to this day, I feel lucky.

3. Do you use/have a favourite brand? If so, why?

I use a lot of the top designer brands such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Shiseido, Nars, Bobbi 

Brown together with the professional brand Makeup Forever. Out of all of them MAC would be my 

favourite! I have a lot of MAC in my kit and love their brushes too. Brushes are my tools and are 

so important to my job, the MAC brushes are of good quality. I like some of their foundations too 

as they have a massive range of shades, textures and tones. I also use the MAC eyeshadows as I 

find they have a lot of pigment in them as apposed to other brands which have a lot of fillers, you 

can notice this as the eyeshadows become airborne very easily when used if they contain a lot of 


4. What do you find is the most common mistake women make when applying makeup?

They select the wrong foundation. I see this a lot when I am doing a makeup lesson with a client, I 

get them to bring in their makeup bags with them so I can have a route around! Very often their 

foundation is shades darker than it should be or it is the wrong foundation type for their skin and 

they are wondering why it is wearing off by lunchtime.

5. Why is it important for someone to use a MUA instead of doing it themselves or getting a 

friend to do it for them?

If someone wants to look the best they can be then a makeup artist will see and have the technical 

know how to go about achieving this. When someone is presented to me, I see them as a blank 

canvas and can straight away see their potential, I will see things like for example; they have 

hooded eyes, so I need to apply a technique to make their eyes bigger or they have big open 

pores so I will factor this in when selecting a foundation so the texture of their skin will be smooth 

like a baby’s bum!

6. What is your most unusual request?

I did makeup for a wedding a while back and the best man had a black eye which I camouflaged, 

he had a great opening line about getting his makeup done that morning for his speech!

7. What is your favourite or perhaps the most exciting aspect of your job?

My favourite is seeing the end result and the look on my clients faces! On occasion, there have 

been tears when someone has forgotten about themselves, forgotten to take time to be good to 

themselves, perhaps not bothering with makeup anymore and has just gotten used to looking the 

same way, then when their makeup is applied they realise that prettiness is still there, they feel 

good about themselves, it can be a wonderful boost to their confidence. I always get really excited 

just before I work on a magazine photoshoot or TV, the adrenalin starts to pump, when I worked on 

TV3 and TG4, there was the excitement of live TV, because you know there are no second 


8. What gets you up in the morning?

My son! He likes to cannon ball us first thing in the morning like on Garfield; he climbs up on the 

bench at the foot of our bed and jumps!

9. What tips or advice would you give to someone wanting to become a makeup artist?

Watching an experienced makeup artist in action will help you learn so much, try and find someone 
you admire and ask if you can assist them. Hands on experience is key.

Malvina offers a professional Make-up Service in the Galway area.  For more information and to get in touch, check out her profile here;
or Call (086)8668267